Dremel Jigsaw ImageDremel Jigsaw

Commonly referred to as a Dremel jigsaw, this attachment was designed to perform precision cutting in hard-to-reach areas. Very balanced and comfortable, the Dremel MS400 has a compact size that makes it ideal for cutting in places other saws can’t reach.


The Dremel jigsaw is not a replacement for a full size jigsaw or reciprocating saw if you are doing lots of work, but it is very handy for small jobs or small spaces.

If you are in the market for a miniature sawz-all, you should consider the  Dremel MS400. With it available, why buy a whole new tool if an attachment will do?


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The Dremel Jigsaw Benefits Include:

  • Universal blade holder uses common U- and T-shank jigsaw blades
  • 3/8″ blade stroke for fast and controlled cutting that is easy on your hands
  • Pivot foot that provides easier control in a  wide variety of materials and shapes
  • Soft grip body for increased comfort and control

Negatives Include:

  • For use only with the 400 Series rotary tool
  • This Dremel jigsaw comes with only one wood cutting blade in the kit



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